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January 2020 Meeting Minutes  


TCDYC Secretary Moderator
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21/01/2020 11:40 am  

Members present – Roger, Linda Howard, Scott Tuma, Tammy, Jamie Gaines, Mandy, Collin Casey, Kurt Peters, Jacquie, Josh Grissom, Todd Gardner


Officer elections for 2020

Commodore – Roger Howard

Vice Commodore – Scott Tuma

Treasurer – Collin Casey

Secretary – Josh Grissom


Discussing need for new event organizers and volunteers. Any small donation of time helps tremendously.


Our new website is up and running. All other websites will be redirected to the new site.

We will begin to start transitioning to the new website for communication on events, forum posts, etc.


TCDYC voted to adopt Galveston Bay Catamaran Championship (GBCC) as one of our events. Still plan to run out of El Jardin.


TCDYC voted to allow windsurfers to join our events.


Possible unsanctioned get together for a run from Palacios/Magnolia Beach out to Matagorda Island (Sunday Beach). Reach out and see about getting locals to join.


TCDYC 501c3 should be filed soon, Roger to provide update next month.


2020 event schedule


GBCC (Galveston Bay Catamaran Championship)

When: June 6th

Where: El Jardin Beach


Wayward Winds

When: July 11-12th

Where: Texas City Dike


Sailing Clinic

When: August 8th

Where: Texas City Dike - $25-30 entry fee (Veterans Free)


Redfish Reach

When: September 12th

Where: Texas City Dike