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[Sticky] Ruff Riders Bandit Run 2020  


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08/06/2020 4:37 pm  

The intent of this Email Stream is to send out weekly updates and comments for the Run.  Please send me any of your comments directly to and I will post them weekly, including any others.   


Mike R.,   Roger H.,  and Jim Deny  -  please forward this email to your Sailing Group, maybe we will pick up some more Cat Sailors.


Like to comb prior info,  maybe post a video, etc.      So , lets get started..............................


1)  So fare we have 6 boats that have interested in Sailing a Bandit Ruff Riders.   This will be an informal, non organized Run up the ditch from South Padre  ( The Mud Flats )  to Corpus Christi ( underneath the JFK Causeway ).   


This is intended to be over the Labor Day Holiday,    Saturday Sept. 5 - Sept 6th Sunday.    


If there is bad weather, or predicted winds out of the North, then a Fun Sail in the Laguna Madre.



2)  Another " Bandit Run up the Ditch "   a Resurrection of the Ruff Riders, but as a Bandit Run -   an event that has No Formal Organization, No Rules, No Nothing...  just a few Cat Sailors that may show up at the Mud Flats on a Saturday to Sail the 120 miles to Corpus Christi.....     This is a very Informal Event,  No Rules, No Nothing. 


3.  Thanks to Chris R.    Chris headed down to South Padre, and talked to us about having a fun group sail up the Ditch.  So, lets put the word up and see who might turn up........


4)  Sailing is a very personal experience.   A Sailor should know his capabilities and his crews, and his boat.    Safety on the water is paramount.  The Rules of the Road as outlined by the Coast Guard and Inter-water Rules apply.  


We will be sailing with approved Life Jackets,  VHS Radio,   GPS and provisions for the Run.


5)  I plan on Sailing the 1st Day,  Saturday the 60 miles to the " old Hobie Hilton" or possibly 10 miles further to a Fishing Camp.   


One of the planned attendees may have a power boat come down from Corpus with Water and possibly other Items - to be discussed later.


6) Because we are headed to Corpus,  one might get a ground crew to drive their vehicle and trailer for pick up. 


7) As this email stream goes forward,  suggestions on what one might want to bring will be sent out.  If you intend to sail, please comment with your ideas. 


8.  My Agenda -  


Karen and I plan on being on South Padre that Thursday,  Sept. 3rd.   Plan on setting up the Boat on Friday and have a fun sail on the Laguna Madre.


We have Reservation at the Hilton Resort, which is across the Convention Center , next to the Mud Flats.   Hotel Rates should be very low, as we have found, and there are a " ton of places to stay on the Island at this time of the year."


We plan on getting the Boat ready to Sail on Saturday around 9 ish and take off around 10 ish.   And say good by to our ground crew.


Asking the Wind Gods to have a good wind off the Gulf head the 60 to 70 miles up the ditch.    Beach Saturday night.


Wake up on Sunday Morning, thank God for the Wind , the Waves and the Water and take off  around 10 am and head to Corpus.


Meet our Ground Crew ( who we have reserved a Hotel Room at the Omni ) underneath the JFK Causeway.        Karen and I plan on staying in Corpus till Tuesday , heading back home that Day.   


9)  Please note, we call this a Sail up the ditch, there is open water sailing on both days.   We have seen Sailors cut corners and hit shallows, so we plan on Saturday on the start off the Mud Flats is to sail due West toward the Markers for the Inter Coastal , and then to keep in the Channel all the way to Corpus on both Days.       


10)  Next email stream is planned for Next Monday....       adios....  




Submitted for your additions, deletions , or destruction....



/  dm